Prepare your business

Prepare your business 2022-06-01T12:54:29-04:00

A business continuity plan can help you stay operational even if a disaster affects your business. The links below offer tips on how to create and implement such a plan. Once you create a plan, be sure to make every employee aware of his or her responsibilities.

Business Disaster Planning – tips for creating a business continuity plan, talking to employees about an emergency, and protecting your business assets.

INTERNAL: Preparation and training are key to executing your internal emergency communications plan. Your management and human resources teams should work together to ensure that employees have access to the following items so that when a hurricane approaches, your staff can focus on other efforts.

  • Up-to-date employee emergency contact list
  • Call tree and instructions – a structured way for you to account for every employee after a hurricane
  • Links on your organization’s intranet to your employee contact lists, emergency preparedness and recovery responsibilities, etc.

EXTERNAL: When a hurricane threatens our area, if you have standard mass communications in place that you can share with your clients, not only will your last-minute preparations be easier to manage, but your clients will also appreciate your taking the time to inform them of your intentions. Consider the following:

  • Mass email to clients
  • Temporary banner or headline on your website’s home page
  • Temporary phone greeting
  • Informational signage at your office or business entry points (particularly important if you receive regular deliveries or have walk-in clients)