Give an hour. Give a day. Give of yourself.

Give an hour. Give a day. Give of yourself. 2020-03-05T10:45:45-04:00

powered by United Way of Miami-Dade

    Take the 9500 for 95 challenge

    You play a key role in shaping our community and your involvement is essential to our mission. To celebrate our 95th anniversary year through impact and service, we’ve launched the 9500 for 95 Challenge — recruiting 9,500 volunteers, just like you, for 95 service projects to help build a stronger Miami.

      Reading to a child makes a lifelong impact — in their life and yours

      ReadingPals is a statewide early literacy initiative that offers volunteers an opportunity to build meaningful relationships with preschool children. ReadingPals volunteers each help two children 3-5 years old improve their social-emotional development and early literacy skills through weekly interactions.

        Volunteers on Tap: Elevate your Happy Hour

        United Way collaborates with local restaurants and breweries to host volunteer events. Cheer and chat with your friends while helping us build a #StrongerMiami by coming together in the spirit of service.