Health programs

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To help people improve their health, we fund programs that promote access to health care and healthy lifestyles.

The Arc of South Florida

ARC Guardianship Program: Provides older adults with developmental disabilities, who have been determined to be incompetent by a court, with guardianship services. Funding: $27,991

Care Resource

Project ACT – Access to Care through Testing: Provides mobile units that reach people with preventive screenings for HIV, STD’s, heart health and more as well as counseling, referrals and linkages to a neighborhood health center. Funding: $99,968

Catholic Charities – Services for the Elderly

Nutrition and Social Support: Provides congregate meals, educational workshops, and social and recreational activities to low-income, older adults. Funding: $69,630

Children’s Home Society of South Florida

Healthy Families Miami-Dade: Provides intensive home-visitations for at-risk families while the mother is pregnant and following the birth of the baby to ensure the health and safety of the child as well as to connect the family with other community resources. Funding: $69,978

Citrus Health Network

Assessment and Emergency Services: Receives people on a 24-hour basis who are mentally ill and experiencing a crisis in order to provide an evaluation and triage to the appropriate level of mental health treatment. Funding: $93,970

Common Threads

Healthy Cooking & Nutrition Education for Underserved Children & Families: Provides healthy cooking and nutrition education programs for children, their families and their teachers at six schools in underserved Miami communities.   Funding: $59,981

Community Smiles

Oral & Dental Care for the Uninsured: Provides oral health education and dental care for low-income and uninsured families.   Funding: $69,978

Douglas Gardens Community Mental Health Center

Community Mental Health Center/Drop-In Center: Provides people with serious mental illness with peer-to-peer counseling in a safe and supportive community environment for the purpose of fostering coping skills, resiliency and other skills needed to continue functioning in the community. Funding: $19,994

Domestic Violence Counseling: Provides assessment, crisis intervention, safety planning and mental health treatment to victims of domestic violence. Funding: $33,989

Easter Seals South Florida

Caregiver Respite Support Services: Periodically relieves family caregivers of their 24-hour responsibilities by providing in-home care for homebound older adults with Alzheimer’s or other cognitive impairments.  Funding: $120,748

Epilepsy Foundation of Florida

Medical Services Program: Provides specialized medical care for indigent clients with seizure disorders or epilepsy including initial testing, coordination of neurological evaluations, case management and emergency medications. Funding: $17,994

Integrating Behavioral Health into Chronic Disease Prevention: Incorporates psychological evaluation, counseling and treatment for individuals with epilepsy.  Funding: $32,990

Family Christian Association of America

FCAA “Healthy Kids Miami”: Provides physical assessments, education and awareness activities to instill lifelong healthy eating and wellness habits in children. Funding: $99,407

Family Resource Center of South Florida

Healthy Foster Kids Program: Ensures children in foster care receive medical and dental services. Funding: $34,989

Parent Education Program: Provides parent education using an evidence-based model proven to lower the reoccurrence of child abuse and neglect. Funding: $44,986

Healthy Start Coalition

You’re Not Alone: Moving Beyond Depression:  Provides screening to 200 pregnant and postnatal women, 16 years or older, to identify, treat and reduce maternal depression.   Funding: $52,733

Hearing & Speech Center of Florida

Early Childhood Health Screening: Screens children ages 0 to 5 years in early care and education centers throughout Miami-Dade County for early detection of speech, language, hearing, vision or physical challenges. Funding: $57,982

Therapy for ALL: Provides professional evaluations, referrals to specialists, and ongoing speech-language, occupational, or physical therapies for children and adults with disabling conditions who are uninsured or underinsured. Funding: $110,221

Institute for Child and Family Health

Child & Family Counseling: Provides individual, group or family therapy for children when their families are unable to pay for services (because they are uninsured or have reached the maximum cap allowed by Medicaid or private insurance). Funding: $56,716

Jewish Community Services

Children’s Counseling and Case Management: Targets children and teens with mental health issues to provide the counseling, case management, and links to basic services so they can remain together at home (avoiding placement in a residential treatment facility). Funding: $269,914  

Clinical Services: Provides individual, couples, family, and group counseling to address a broad range of episodic and/or chronic mental health conditions for people of all ages.  Funding: $298,905  

Healthy Aging for Older Adults: Provides individualized care management to address physical, psychological and social needs for vulnerable older adults ages 55 and older.  Funding: $113,397

Little Havana Activities and Nutrition Centers of Dade County

Elderly Meals Program: Provides congregate and home-delivered meals for low-income, older adults. Funding: $135,609

Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center

Senior Wellness Program: Provides older adults ages 60 and above, with a wide variety of fitness classes, daily educational courses, intergenerational events, social and cultural activities, nutrition advice, and transportation services. Funding: $40,982

Special Needs Program: Provides children with special needs, ages 6 to 18, with social and recreational programs based on each child’s ability, including one-on-one “shadows” needed for them to participate in mainstream recreation programs. Funding: $30,488

Open Door Health Center

Health Care Access Program: Provides primary health care to uninsured families in south Miami-Dade as well as coordination of volunteer medical specialists.  Funding: $19,994  

Women’s Health Program: Provides women’s health exams, coordination of donated mammograms, follow-up doctor visits, and referrals to other community resources for low-income uninsured women.  Funding: $29,990

Overtown Youth Center

Wellness Program: Provides youth with healthy lifestyle options through a healthy living curriculum including culinary courses, organized sports, dance and active play, to better equip them to perform well in school and ultimately in life.  Funding: $49,984

Sant La Haitian Neighborhood Center

Creating a Culture of Health in the Haitian Community: Provides recruitment and one-on-one counseling to help Haitian immigrants -+enroll in and renew public health insurance for children and families (e.g. marketplace insurance, Medicaid, KidCare, etc.) as well as link to a medical home for preventive health care services. Funding: $23,539

Southwest Social Services

Congregate Meals & Supporting Services: Provides congregate meals, transportation and supportive services, including nutrition education, recreation and health support to low-income older adults. Funding: $44,812  

SWSS Home Delivered Meals: Provides home-delivered meals to low-income older adults.  Funding: $45,766

United HomeCare Services

Caring United: Home & Community Support for Older Adults and Family Caregivers: Provides in-home services for low-income, home-bound, older adults including home health aides to assist with bathing and dressing, homemaker services such as meals and laundry, case management and, in some cases, community supports such as home-delivered meals, adult day care and more. Funding: $494,770

YWCA of Greater Miami

Family Wellness: With a specific emphasis on reaching uninsured and underinsured women from African-American, Haitian, Caribbean and Hispanic communities, provides cancer awareness and education, linkages to diagnostic cancer services in our community, and subsidies for clinical breast examinations when needed. Funding: $64,979



Children’s Bereavement Center
Bereavement Peer Support Groups: Provides free-of-charge bereavement peer support groups year-round for children, teens and adults at six locations throughout Miami-Dade.  The program is designed to help participants heal and move forward with their lives after a significant death.  Funding: $27,000   

Friendship Circle of Miami 
Life Skills Around Town (LSAT): is an inclusive program that takes place throughout South Dade weekly after school, for a total of 26 sessions over ten months. LSAT utilizes a nationally established model that pairs children with special needs with typically developing teenagers in multi-year friendships during which the trusted friends serve as peer mentors to their special friends. On a weekly basis, together they engage in a variety of structured experiences that are designed and led by professional staff including such activities as shopping in a supermarket or riding on public transportation; to improve social and life skills. Funding: $15,824 

Guitars Over Guns Organization Inc.
M-Power Trauma-Informed Care Program: The M-Power program brings mental health services directly in the Guitars Over Guns (GOGO) classroom, alongside arts-based mentorship programs taking place after school. M-Power addresses the emotional and mental stress associated with students’ growing up in poverty and surrounded by violence. It expands our current mentorship program model to provide trauma-informed social-emotional support to GOGO students and mentors through targeted social work interventions, training in trauma-informed care and a mental health support structure for both students and mentors of the GOGO program. Funding: $50,000

ICU Baby
ICU baby’s Volunteer Program: Engages community members to support families in the NICU in a variety of ways. Volunteers participate in project based work outside the hospital and in-hospital volunteers enter the NICU to carry out ICU baby’s programs. Among the most critical of ICU baby’s programs is its Transportation Assistance Program that provides financial assistance to low income families so that the barrier of prohibitive transportation costs do not prevent parents from being with their baby. Once all NICU families have equal access to the NICU, they are able to participate in ICU baby’s psychosocial, volunteer driven support programs. Funding: $35,000  

M.U.J.E.R., Inc.
MUJER, Inc.: Provide services to children and families who are victims of domestic and/or sexual abuse through its One Stop Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center located in South Miami-Dade County, as a certified rape crisis programs.  This program will recruit, train and supervise graduate level interns (volunteers) placed by most major south Florida universities. There will be up to 10 volunteers that will be placed at MUJER per semester and will provide direct services to approximately 200 victim/survivors under the supervision of a licensed clinician. Funding: $75,000

National Alliance of Mental Illness Miami-Dade County (NAMI)

Family & Peer Wellness Support Groups: The wellness support groups are free, peer-led, and open to anyone who identifies as an individual with a mental health condition or is the loved one of an individual with a mental health condition. Each group is led by two NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) certified volunteers who have a lived experience.  Participants gain insight from hearing the challenges and successes of others and important resources. The group encourages empathy and productive discussion; participants discover inner strength and empower themselves by sharing their own experiences. Funding: $60,000 

SSJ Health Foundation Inc.

St. John Bosco Clinic, Inc.: St. John Bosco Clinic (SJBC) is a free clinic offering primary care, chronic disease management and some specialty care to individuals who are uninsured, living in Miami-Dade County with incomes below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. The clinic participates in the State of Florida Department of Health Volunteer Health Care Provider Program. Following a nurse practitioner model of care, the NPs see the majority of primary care patients and 25+ physicians volunteer their services to see clinic patients, mostly for specialty care. Funding: $64,500