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Ensuring youth achieve their full potential, investing in eight early childhood education programs at 21 locations and 30 school-age education programs across Miami-Dade County, focused on providing comprehensive services that address both child and family needs.

AMIkids Miami-Dade

Path to Success: Uses a structured behavior modification system and an educational component to improve student academic achievement for youth, ages 14 to 18 that have been referred through the juvenile justice system. Funding: $76,488

The Arc of South Florida

The Arc of South Florida – Project Thrive: Provides high-quality early educational experiences to children with special needs, ages 6 weeks to 5 years. Funding: $157,349

Belafonte Tacolcy

Tacolcy Teen Council: Equips youth in Liberty City with the skills needed to navigate, pursue and complete post-secondary education as well as lead them to select career paths that will provide long-term sustainable success. Funding: $60,000

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami

Community Based Mentoring: Provides struggling youth with crucial guidance and support through quality, safe mentoring friendships that positively impact academic achievement, school attendance, behavior and social relationships, while reducing risky behaviors. Funding: $140,726

School to Work: Provides students at-risk of not graduating with exposure to workplace environments and matches them with mentors to help them stay in school and make a successful transition to the workforce. Funding: $55,000

Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami

Project Learn: Out-of-school academic program addresses challenges faced by youth and equips them to overcome their obstacles and succeed academically by providing homework help, literacy and recreational activities. Funding: $80,000


Branches Climb Program: Provides youth in middle and high school with the social and life skills to increase self-awareness, critical thinking and leadership in order to make informed decisions and become successful. Funding: $60,000

Branches Grow: Improves academic performance of 250 economically disadvantaged students in grades K through 5th from low-performing schools through evidence-based strategies that promote oral reading fluency, reading comprehension and English Language Arts proficiency. Funding: $55,000

Catholic Charities

Child Development Services: Provides child development services at six Head Start sites for children aged three to five from low-income families, utilizing the High Scope curriculum. This curriculum has proven to improve social, fine and gross motor skills, and language development through appropriate educational activities for cognitive and social development. Funding: $165,000

Cayuga Centers

Functional Family Therapy Program: Cayuga Centers’ Functional Family Therapy (FFT) Program utilizes an evidence-based family therapy model to help families with children and adolescents through their behavioral and emotional issues. Treatment is provided by a therapist who receives weekly consultations from FFT model developers. The primary goal of FFT is to decrease risk factors, increase protective factors, improve familial communication, decrease conflict, and help reduce the child’s symptoms and improve overall functioning. Funding: $60,000

Center for Family & Child Enrichment

Providing Educational Alternative for Kids: A year-round intensive tutoring and mentoring program for elementary school-aged children at or below grade level in reading and exhibiting behavior problems. The program targets children at risk of abuse and neglect in foster care or whose families are under court supervision. Funding: $70,000

Centro Campesino Farmworker Center

AmeriCorps: AmeriCorps program engages members in community service, including mentorship and tutoring, based on evidence-based practices. Upon successful service completion, members earn an Education Award to support their higher education expenses or apply to student loans. Members gain on-the-job experience, professional development, and mentorship. Funding: $25,000

YouthPride: A high-quality after-school and summer program in Homestead/Florida City. We provide intensive academic support and social development activities using research-based best practices to help students succeed academically. Our strategies include project-based learning, STEM, arts, group literacy, homework assistance, personalized literacy instruction, field trips, social-emotional learning, family engagement, skill development, health and wellness, and physical fitness. Funding: $90,000

Centro Mater

Centro Mater Preschool & Infants – Toddlers: Provides high-quality NAEYC-accredited early care and educational experiences to infants, toddlers and preschoolers, including those with special needs. Funding: $150,000

Centro Mater After School: Offers socially, intellectually, culturally and developmentally appropriate after-school and summer camp activities to children 5 – 12 years old. Funding: $50,000

Children’s Home Society

Community Partnership Schools: Coordinates activities to boost student academic performance, enhance college and career awareness, improve post-secondary exam results, increase academic tenacity and ensure they are on track for graduation. Activities include after-school tutoring, exam preparation, mentorship, college visits, post-secondary and parent workshops and student engagement activities. Funding: $55,000 

City Year Miami

Whole School Whole Child at Redlands Middle School: Provides students in grades 6 – 8 at Redlands Middle School with mentors and academic and social-emotional support to improve academic outcomes and increase school engagement. Funding: $50,000 

Coconut Grove Cares

Barnyard After-School & Summer Program: Provides homework assistance, computer labs and educational skill building activities to elementary-aged children in west Coconut Grove. 
Funding: $85,000

Dave and Mary Alper Jewish Community Center

Early Childhood Preschool Program: Provides an enriching educational experience for children, ages 0 to 5 years. Funding $30,000

Easterseals South Florida

Easterseals South Florida Child Development Center: Offers an inclusive, high-quality child care and educational environment serving children ages 2 months to 5 years both with and without special needs. Funding: $67,349

Girl Scout Council of Tropical Florida

Girl Scout Community Troops (formerly known as Girl Scout Decisions for Your Life): Offers comprehensive teen pregnancy prevention programming for pre-adolescent and adolescent girls in grades K-12. Funding: $125,000

Jewish Community Services

Effective Decision Making for LGBTQ Youth: Serves lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth to reduce risk factors of cognitive, social and emotional isolation and address the unique issues faced by this population. Funding: $159,000 

Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center

Early Childhood Program: A program that is serving children eight-weeks to five years old in a safe secure and nurturing environment within a Jewish setting under the guidance and supervision of a trained and certified professional staff. Funding: $15,000 

New Horizons Community Mental Health Center, Inc

Project Get Involved: Mentors at-risk students at Brownsville Middle School to improve school engagement through increased attendance, improved effort and conduct grades and reduction in course failures through the nationally recognized comprehensive student engagement intervention program, Check & Connect. Funding: $57,000

Overtown Youth Center

OYC College and Career Readiness: Provides College and Career Readiness (CCR) programming to youth grades 9-12 through out-of-school services (e.g., after school, summer, weekends, teacher planning days). CCR sessions focus on exposing students to a variety of college and career options, participating in college tours, ACT/SAT test preparation, college searches, FAFSA application assistance, practicing job readiness skills, engaging in industry-specific training/internship programs with community partners, paid job placement opportunities, and civic engagement initiatives. Funding: $41,800 

 OYC/Youth Development Program/EWRS: Serves low-income at-risk students eligible for Title I services at three partner schools through a holistic approach (year-round, in/after-school services) providing daily monitoring and intervention to help increase school engagement and performance. Funding: $75,000 

 Youth Development Program: Provides in-school, after-school and summer services focused on achievements in attendance, grades, behavior, academic skills, test scores, character building and motivation to learn. Funding: $64,000 

Redlands Christian Migrant Association

RCMA Child Development Centers: Provides high-quality early care and education to children, ages 0 to 5 years, from migrant and other low-income rural communities. Funding: $160,000 

The Family Christian Association of America

Walking Tall Youth Leadership Development Program: Prepares youth to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood through a structured series of activities and experiences that help them obtain social, emotional, ethical, physical and cognitive competencies. Funding: $55,000

Urban League of Greater Miami

Achievement Matters: Improves student achievement levels, test-taking skills, and strengthens the social skills of Black American and other youth of color, in the Miami-Dade County Public School system. Funding: $157,000

Achievement Matters – SAT/ACT Test Camps: Provides students with support they need to successfully complete high school and attain a post-secondary education with preparation activities including high school graduation planning, financial aid and scholarship application assistance, college tours, college entrance and standardized test prep. Funding: $31,500 

YMCA of South Florida

YWCA Early Childhood Program: Provides high-quality early care and education to children ages 0 to 5 years from multicultural and socio-economically diverse communities. Funding: $85,000

 YMCA of South Florida After-School Programs (K-12): Provides literacy enhancement, physical fitness, social skills building, and family involvement activities in public housing sites, schools, neighborhood centers, and YMCAs. Funding: $60,000 

YWCA Afterschool Program: Helps youth develop vital skills and enhance their personal character through positive social interactions, anger management, conflict resolution, self-esteem enhancement, basic life skills preparation, community and multi-cultural projects, and positive family activities.
Funding: $50,000 

Youth Co-Op

Academic Success Program: Provides tutoring and skill building for students. Funding: $35,000