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Your 2023-2024 United Way campaign video.

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A message from United Way Miami President & CEO and Miami-Dade Public Schools Superintendent..


Although our community continues to return to normal, so many of our most vulnerable neighbors still struggle. The hardships, which have always challenged Miami-Dade, worsened with the pandemic. Much work remains to be done.

For over 40 years, United Way Miami and Miami-Dade County Public Schools have partnered to support students by preparing them to have the best possible start in school and in life. Even in today’s environment where so many of our community’s families still face uncertainty, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of our students. After all, the foundation of a strong community is built on a high-quality education.

United Way Miami is here to make a difference. This past year, we invested:

  • $18.48 million in early and school-age education

More than 22,000 students received support through United Way in 2020. But we need your help. With your support, we can continue to invest in quality programs that improve academic performance, decision-making skills and reduce absenteeism. When we empower young people, it’s a win-win for our community.

Together, let’s stand for a stronger Miami. Give now.

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