Take control of your future. Learn a new skill.

Take control of your future. Learn a new skill. 2022-07-11T11:30:12-04:00

Receive high-quality coding training with no upfront costs.

United Way Miami, in partnership with Social Finance has launched the United Way Miami Workforce Project offering education and training to help you shape your personal goals. This dynamic program is made possible as a direct result of a multi-million gift by philanthropist, Mackenzie Scott. Through the United Way Miami Workforce Project, you will receive coding training through our partners 4Geeks Academy to provide you with the tools to make career moves that create economic opportunities to help you and your family. If you qualify for the Workforce project*, all upfront costs of training are waived, so you can focus on your future. Best of all you will have the flexibility of enrolling for in-person or remote programs and courses are offered full-time or part-time to meet the demands of your schedule.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The program finances student tuition costs and additional support services at zero upfront cost to student
  2. Training partners deliver high-quality coding and programming training that places students in better paying jobs
  3. Once employed, graduates repay the costs of their training, paying it forward into a fund to support future students in Miami

This program provides potential employment opportunities that can change your life:

  • Training: High-quality coding training provided by 4Geeks Academy at no upfront cost to you.
  • Mentorship: Mentorship and career support to apply your new skills in the dynamic Miami tech hub community
  • Support: Additional support services including living stipends, career coaching, resume review and job placement support
  • Pay it forward: only once you have achieved gainful employment do you begin to pay back the course costs so other students can benefit from the program.

Flexibility to fit your schedule:

  • In-person and remote programs available
  • full-time and part-time enrollment options

Enroll now and take advantage of this program to learn new skills and embark on your new career. The opportunity is waiting for you.

In partnership with:

*Not everyone will be eligible. Any Miami-Dade resident with an annual household income below the Area Median Income, who is a citizen, permanent resident, or DACA recipient is invited to apply. People of color, veterans, and single female heads of household are encouraged to apply. For more eligibility conditions please click here