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Education InfographicBuilding a stronger community begins with providing its youngest members with quality early education. Research has shown that the critical skills we need to succeed in life, such as problem-solving and teamwork competencies, are developed by age 5.

To set children on the right path in life, United Way of Miami-Dade has laid out a plan for Florida’s early education programs. Increasing transparency, professional development and access to quality programs, Florida’s legislature can give children the tools they need to become successful members of the community.

Help children achieve their full potential

  • Improve transparency, accountability and performance of the state’s early learning programs (School Readiness and Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten), thus benefiting those who fall within the ALICE population, with a focus on equitable outcomes for children
  • Increase professional development opportunities and incentives for early learning educators including Pre-Kindergarten instructors and School Readiness teachers and providers
  • Expand access to family support services that link families to local resources

Learn more about our plan for early education and help make a difference.

Help students achieve academic success

In K-12 education, United Way supports Miami-Dade County Public Schools in the following:

  • Protect school district operational funding by mitigating enrollment declines experienced by districts by funding districts based on the 2019-2020 fourth FTE calculation and minimally providing per student funding at 2020-2021 levels
  • Continue the Funding Compression and Hold Harmless Allocation formula established during the 2020 legislative session to address inequities of the current District Cost Differential calculation
  • Support funding to offer an extended school day and year beyond 180 days for all students to address learning loss as a result of required school closures due to COVID-19
  • For 2020-2021, waive the sanctions related to the statewide assessments such as third grade promotion, end-of-course calculations, graduation test requirements and performance evaluations of school site-instructional and administrative staff

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