Access to affordable healthcare

Access to affordable healthcare 2021-01-27T09:36:40-04:00

Affordable healthcare is the cornerstone for success at all ages in life. Research has shown that Florida continues to have one of the highest uninsured rates in the nation. Many Floridians go without needed healthcare in order to make ends meet financially – and many lost their employer-based health insurance with COVID-related layoffs.

Expanding availability

United Way believes that access to healthcare should be a priority for the Florida legislature in 2021.

  • Improve access to affordable healthcare for Floridians, with a focus on vulnerable low-income populations
  • Maintain targeted funding of prevention and treatment services for all behavioral health services
  • Maximize home and community-based services for older adults to reduce nursing home costs and waitlists

Learn more about our plan to increase access to affordable health care and help make a difference.

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