Financial stability programs

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To help people prosper economically, we fund 20 programs at our Impact Partner agencies that are focused on helping people meet their basic needs to paving a path to financial independence.

The Advocacy Network on Disabilities

Residential Stability for Individuals with Disabilities: Advocates, coordinates and provides supports and services to individuals with disabilities who are experiencing economic emergencies. Funding: $60,000


ASSETS Small Business Program: Supports small business owners in their efforts to achieve success and stability. Funding: $47,000

Ways to Work Program: Provides financial coaching and enables clients to purchase reliable vehicles, paving the way for them to improve quality of life for themselves and their families. Funding: $56,867

Catholic Charities – New Life Family Shelter

Getting Ahead Program: Helps individuals experiencing an interruption of income due to loss of employment or illness to pave a path to financial independence by providing rent, mortgage, utility and food assistance. Funding: $30,000

New Life Family Shelter: Serves as a transitional facility for homeless families. Funding: $35,000

Centro Campesino Farmworker Center

O.P.E.N.D.O.O.R.S: Provides computer training, interviewing skills, resume building and access to job search tools for residents of southernmost Miami-Dade County. Funding: $50,000

Steps to Financial Fitness: Provides free foreclosure prevention services and access to tools and resources for low- to moderate- income homeowners in distress. Funding: $ 40,000

Citrus Health Network

Family Refuge for Adolescents in Transition (FRAT House): Provides young adults, 18 to 23 years old, who are exiting the foster care system with transitional housing and other support. Funding: $35,278

Cuban American National Council

CNC Employment & Training Center: Provides pre-employment skills workshops and job placement services to individuals in the community seeking self-sufficiency. Funding: $30,000

Economic Independence Program: Provides financial literacy training and housing counseling to low-/moderate-income individuals and families. Funding: $30,000

Goodwill Industries of South Florida

Vocational Rehabilitation: Employs people with disabilities with a skill level appropriate job, maximizing their earnings and benefits. Funding: $340,000

Jewish Community Services

Homeless Outreach for Prevention and Employment (Project HOPE): Assists individuals who are homeless with re-entering the workforce through vocational training and job placement. Funding: $35,000

Job Works: Provides training and job opportunities to unemployed and underemployed individuals leading to long-term self-sufficiency. Funding: $35,000

Shalom Bayit Domestic Violence Program: Assists survivors of domestic abuse and their children by supporting them culturally, emotionally, and financially in order for them to become independent and regain their self-esteem. Funding: $36,000

Richmond-Perrine Optimist Club

NYES Summer Youth Employment Program: Provides disadvantaged youth who reside in high-risk neighborhoods with paid work experience during the summer months. Funding: $50,000

Salvation Army Miami Area Command

Emergency Family Services: Focuses on homeless prevention by providing individuals with rent, utilities and food assistance. Funding: $100,000

Miami Area Command Shelter: Provides a safe haven for homeless individuals while they work toward stabilizing their lives. Funding: $90,000

Sant La Haitian Neighborhood Center

Financial Stability for the Haitian Community of Miami-Dade County: Provides workforce development services to the Haitian community leading to employment security and self-sufficiency. Funding: $70,000

Youth Co-Op

Early Self Sufficiency Program: Helps refugees, asylees and new arrivals to the U.S. with educational and employment opportunities. Funding: $80,000

YWCA of Greater Miami

Economic Empowerment Program: Provides financial education, access to banking products and asset building initiatives to help individuals and families improve their financial stability. Funding: $40,000

Through Response Fund program grants, United Way is also investing in the following organizations to support high-need special populations with targeted and integrated financial coaching services. These two year grants became effective January 2017:

Educate Tomorrow: $50,000; Legal Services of Greater Miami: $50,000; Greater Miami Services Corps: $25,600; Youth Co-Op: $50,000 (effective July 1, 2017).