Trauma-informed care takes center stage at community training

As part of our annual site visits with our impact partner agencies, we asked, “What kind of training can we provide?” And the resounding response was clear: trauma-informed care.

In an effort to respond to the needs in our community, we partnered with The Melissa Institute to facilitate a trauma-informed care training conference. The violence prevention and treatment organization hosted four breakout sessions on September 25, which covered topics like trauma and substance abuse; racial and community violence; interpersonal violence; and creating safe spaces.

Over the course of one day, trainers delved into specific kinds of trauma, from child maltreatment and domestic violence to PTSD, school violence, traumatic loss and medical trauma to natural disasters and migration traumas. Traumatic experiences were also discussed: how to shift the narrative on the ways we think about trauma. Many events that we are exposed to on a regular basis are traumatic, but they are often not labeled, such as natural disasters, racial discrimination and more.

“The training provided a greater understanding of the neurodevelopmental and behavioral challenges that may develop as a response of having experienced or witnessed trauma,” said Ieshia Haynie, director of program operations for the Overtown Youth Center. Of the participants surveyed, 100 percent agreed or strongly agreed (rated a 4 or 5 on a scale of 1-5) on the quality of the training across all areas.

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