Funding the future of early education through fashion

Funding the future of early education through fashion 2019-12-20T12:44:32-04:00

How the ant came to be

It all started with an ant. One of the smallest creatures inspired a classroom of preschoolers. That classroom inspired a fashion powerhouse. And with your help, we can continue to inspire young minds in our community.

Tibi founder and creative director Amy Smilovic took a tour of the United Way Center for Excellence in Early Education earlier this year, after having launched her nature-inspired Pre-Fall 2019 collection, featuring cheeky takes on ants and ant farms.

“We were fascinated by how such tiny creatures can shoulder so much, they can carry up to 50 times their body weight,” Smilovic said. “It made us think how no matter what your size, you can accomplish anything.”

One in three children arrive at Kindergarten not ready to learn. But with the right tools and education, they can accomplish anything. Children, like ants, are the smallest beings among us – and they have the most potential. Early learning programs like the Center aim to bridge that gap through powerful early experiences.

While touring the Center, Smilovic observed the children working on an ant farm project. They were sketching them. They were sketching maps of their homes. Amy wanted to help these children to continue on the path to innovative learning – and that’s when the Tibi for United Way tote was born.

“I was so inspired and so honored,” Smilovic continued, “to be able to work with one of the children’s artworks for this special bag.”

The philanthropy tote, made of 100% cotton canvas, features an illustration by 4-year-old Emily, a pre-school student at the Center.

Tibi will donate 100% of all proceeds to United Way of Miami-Dade.

Tibi tote is made of durable cotton canvas;
measures 15” X 16” with a 22” long handle.