Securing resources for financial health at the workplace

Our United Way has embarked on a new partnership with Jackson Health System. Through services provided by the United Way Center for Financial Stability, we are equipping Jackson employees with the resources they need to secure their financial health. Made possible by a Citi Foundation Community Progress Makers grant, UW@WORK aims to develop and deliver financial capability services that benefit both employees and employers, joining forces at all levels to build a stronger and more financially resilient Miami.

Through the pilot program at Jackson, employees can access a team of experts to help jumpstart their finances. A wide range of free financial capability services are now available across the campuses, including financial education workshops, one-on-one financial coaching, and tax preparation.

Raising awareness about the new collaboration and surveying interested employees since August 2018, UW@WORK has led over 50 events reaching more than 1,000 people. “Being able to meet with a financial coach at my workplace is important to me because I don’t have time for more travel,” a Jackson employee said. “Having a professional set of eyes looking into my finances has really helped me find a clear pathway to achieve my goals.”

With the invaluable support of Jackson leadership, onsite services began in December and will continue to ramp up to regular monthly schedules at each campus.

To learn more about the program, contact UW@WORK by phone at 305-646-7171 or email at

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