Meet Tanya

Meet Tanya – a hardworking mom of four children. Like any mom, Tanya wanted all of her children to succeed in school. When her youngest daughter, three-year-old Anaya, was accepted into the Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership at a United Way supported program, Tanya was excited about her child’s future.

“Ever since Anaya entered the United Way program, she has loved being there,” she said. “Anaya learned so much and the teachers and staff are so accommodating, patient and helpful to the kids as well as to their parents. As a working mom, I was able to participate in the program without missing time from work. I have only had good experiences.”

Those “good experiences” mean a world to a child’s development. It means little Anaya is getting early care from well-qualified teachers using an evidenced-based curriculum that’s innovative, supportive and is introduced to her at an age where experiences shape her development. Research tells us that the first years of a child’s life set the foundation for future success. And the foundation Anaya is getting is making an impact on her while making her mother proud.

“Starting school early was the key,” said Tanya. “My other children went to day care and started school much later. By starting her education early – at two-years-old – Anaya was able to learn so much.

“It was very helpful to see how teachers engaged children in the classroom through dance, play and readings,” said Tanya. “Anaya loves music time! I even asked the teacher to give me the music they listen to in the classroom and I was able to learn the songs and sing along with her at home. I can’t say enough about how awesome the program is.”

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