Announcing $500,000 grant from Citi Foundation, bringing early learning services to residents of new Lotus Village and recapping a life-changing trip for our Youth Institute students
  Citi Foundation selects United Way of Miami-Dade to accelerate economic opportunity in Miami

Our United Way received a $500,000 grant from the Citi Foundation to launch United Way @WORK with Jackson Health System, bringing financial capability services to the workplace.

  United Way expands Early Head Start to Lotus Village

Our United Way opened a state-of-the-art, early care and education center for the residents of the new Lotus Village, focused on nurturing children’s healing, learning, and development on every level.

  United Way Youth Institute students take a life-changing trip to the Dominican Republic
Our United Way Youth Institute students visited the Dominican Republic and received an enlightening, multicultural experience, giving them a new perspective and appreciation of life.

  Meet Silvio
Being diagnosed with retinoblastoma and losing his vision as a toddler has not stopped Silvio from thriving into an optimistic 8th grader with a passion for learning and love of music and singing. Watch Silvio’s emotional reunion with his Project Thrive early intervention teachers.

  Contributor Spotlight
Tara C. Smith
Director, Miami-Dade County Internal Services Department

“I used to work for a United Way agency and I experienced the rigorous requirement process for grant application and reporting, so I have full confidence that my personal donation is being well spent. The breadth and magnitude of services provided by different United Way agencies has served as a true safety net for this community.

It was easy to take on the role of ambassador for Women United efforts in my workplace. I have been so inspired by the women I’ve met through Women United that I was really excited about what we could do as a county organization. I love the way our Women United events bring us together, connecting us on different levels to forge alliances, friendships, mentorships.

There is so much to be gained by women working together – not against each other – supporting each other, learning from each other, building on each other’s successes and learning from our failures."
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