Let’s empower our youth through education
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United Way of Miami‑Dade
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In just a few weeks, our United Way will be celebrating a milestone – 95 years of serving this community. As we reflect on our many accomplishments over the past decades, we are reminded of the important role we all have as stakeholders in our community’s future and well-being.

The impact of our work in education, financial stability and health continues to move the needle as we build a stronger Miami, where our children can thrive in school, where individuals can be financially secure and enjoy good health.

In this month’s newsletter we focus on our work in education, particularly celebrating our youth programs. I trust you will enjoy learning about our long-standing partnership with Coconut Grove Cares-The Barnyard which provides after-school and summer programs to children with financial hardships; our United Way Youth Institute that teaches high schoolers how to become agents of change; and our Career Connections program, a partnership with Miami-Dade Beacon Council and Miami-Dade County Public Schools, which provides high school students with career guidance to help them pursue their dream job.

As we launch our 95th anniversary celebration, we invite you to join us in kicking off our 9500 for 95 Challenge during National Volunteer Week, April 6 -13. Our goal is to recruit 9,500 volunteers for 95 community projects throughout our year-long celebration.

We look forward to celebrating with you and taking our United Way to even greater heights.

Maria C. Alonso
President & CEO
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white space Local youth become agents of change

The United Way Youth Institute continues to empower local youth in at-risk settings to become successful in their careers, life-long community advocates and agents of change.

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white space Caring for the community’s children

Coconut Grove Cares-The Barnyard, a long-standing United Way impact partner, is dedicated to supporting children and families in Miami’s West Coconut Grove. The Barnyard’s programming focuses on moving the needle academically, while also helping youth grow holistically.

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white space Turning curiosity into success

Career Connections, a joint initiative between the Beacon Council’s One Community One Goal, Miami-Dade County Public Schools and our United Way, host a series of engaging career exploration panels and Q&As with executives and entrepreneurs in Miami-Dade to inspire high school students.

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white space We’re 95 years strong

United Way of Miami-Dade celebrates 95 years of building a stronger Miami through the education, financial stability and health of our community, so that every person can have a fighting chance.

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white space Meet Code/Art

Code/Art, the winner of Inspire305’s first Grand Innovator award grant, is continuing to inspire girls to code. The Miami-based nonprofit is on a mission to increase the number of girls studying computer science by motivating them with the creative possibilities of computer programming.

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white space Contributor Spotlight
Lesline Mckenzie
Automation Sales, Royal Caribbean International

“My company, Royal Caribbean, is a huge proponent of volunteering and community involvement.  It is a part of the corporate culture here. Also, I feel no matter where you live... you need to give back to the community you are in.

“Seeing the young people in the [Youth Institute] program tap into and discover their innate leadership skills with the opportunities given to them through United Way excites me. The seed is being planted for a bright, successful future and we are watching it flourish.”
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  Calling all volunteers!

There are always plenty of ways you can make a difference in the community. Consider these volunteer opportunities below.

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