Meet Rocio

Since the young age of 15, Rocio was well aware of her calling. Taking on every babysitting job she could find, she was already in training for what would be a rewarding journey into an early childhood education career.

Like most educators, Rocio started her career in the classroom. She joined Catholic Charities shortly after graduation and after just her first year, her position evolved into curriculum coordinator, where she worked for an additional six years alongside Head Start and other government programs.

At this point in her career, after taking her child development associate credential (CDA), Rocio took the director credential course to obtain her directorship. This new accomplishment led to a pivotal moment in her journey where she asked herself if she wanted to continue her career in and around the classroom or take it to another level? Rocio valiantly decided to put all of her experience and passion into action and open her own preschool. It was during this process that she realized there was still a great deal to learn on the business side of early childhood education.

United Way’s Early Childhood Program Administrator’s Institute* (ECPAI)
Reaching beyond our walls.

Rocio joined our United Way Early Childhood Program Administrator’s Institute (ECPAI) to learn more about high-quality early childhood programs as well as how to better manage her business. Currently in its 11th year, ECPAI is a comprehensive three semester management and business leadership program, offered in English and Spanish. Since 2007, ECPAI has enhanced the skills of 709 early care and education administrators, which improved the quality of 522 programs in our community.

Rocio’s dedication, love of children, and passion for teaching led her to open the ABF Learning Center near the Homestead Air Force base, where they service military and local families in the community. Since their opening in 2010, ABF has won The Children’s Trust 2017 Champions for Children “Program of the Year” award and earned NAEYC accreditation. Rocio and her team are committed to improving our community through educating and empowering our children.

“United Way Center for Excellence, has always been a leader of best practices. My staff and I, are appreciative of every opportunity given to us, to learn new things that we can put into practice or bring back to our community.”

*United Way of Miami-Dade, Inc. Early Childhood Program Administrator’s Institute (ECPAI) is funded by The Children’s Trust. The Children’s Trust is a dedicated source of revenue established by voter referendum to improve the lives of children and families in Miami-Dade County.

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