Meet our Loaned Campaign Specialists

From assisting in the design and implementation of fundraising plans to delivering United Way presentations at workplace campaign gatherings, take a moment to meet our 2018 loaned campaign specialists.

Meet: Franceline

Organization: Year Up
Title: Intern
Fun fact: I’ve just started being a vegetarian
Hopes to accomplish: I want to become a good speaker when it comes to presenting in front of a large audience.

Meet: Skyler

Title: Campaign Specialist
Fun fact: I have traveled to over 45 countries
Hopes to accomplish: I want to learn more about the specific issues individuals in Miami-Dade County are fighting to overcome and understand the resources available to them so that they can not only survive, but thrive.

Meet: Shawn

Organization: Year Up
Title: Intern
Fun fact: I’ve been to Guatemala twice and I have 11 siblings
Hopes to accomplish: I really want to become a better presenter and gain lots of knowledge that’ll help me succeed in life.

Meet: Shenika

Organization: Miami-Dade County Community Action & Human Services Department
Title: Community Family Services worker
Fun fact: I’m a guardian and have assisted in the adoption of five children
Hopes to accomplish: I hope to help launch a United Way campaign that both inspires residents to recommit themselves to serving their community and their neighbors as well as raise a record breaking amount of funds for United Way. I also hope to develop my project management and team building skills through this unique community service opportunity.

Meet: Cristine

Organization: Publix Super Market
Title: Customer Service Team Leader
Fun fact: As a member of the Thespian Honor Society, I’ve performed in 15+ musicals, plays and competitions
Hopes to accomplish: To learn about all of the services United Way offers and share them so that I can make an impact on each and every individual along their journey.

Meet: Socorro “ Cookie”

Organization: Miami-Dade County Library Dept.
Title: Executive Secretary
Fun fact: Representing my department for such an outstanding organization as United Way
Hopes to accomplish: Acquire as much knowledge about United Way programs so that I can spread the news. Also, try I want to recruit someone to donate at least $1,000.

Meet: Melinda

Organization: Miami-Dade County
Title: Capital Inventory Clerk
Fun fact: Love to give time and resources
Hopes to accomplish: Improve planning, leadership and organization skills and become more comfortable with public speaking.

Meet: Joseph

Organization: Miami-Dade County
Title: Operating Systems Programmer
Fun fact: Love fishing, cooking and horses
Hopes to accomplish: Help my community by promoting the importance of education, financial stability and health.

Meet: George

Organization: FPL
Title: Cable Spicer
Fun fact: I like to read to little children and give presentations to people in the community
Hopes to accomplish: A better understanding of engagement with organizations.

Meet: Maribel

Organization: Miami-Dade County
Title: Special Projects Administrator
Fun fact: I was a singer with a gospel rock band
Hopes to accomplish: I hope to be able to effectively communicate the needs in our community and how contributing can help address those needs. Ultimately, my goal is to move Miami in the direction of being a true global city.

Meet: Margie

Organization: Miami-Dade Police Dept.
Title: Police Lieutenant
Fun fact: I’m a good salsa dancer
Hopes to accomplish: Educate the public about to the different programs and services that make up the United Way.

Meet: David

Organization: Miami-Dade County WASD
Title: Administrative Officer
Fun fact: I love to grow roses
Hopes to accomplish:  I hope to obtain skills that allow me to teach or instruct.

Meet: Alex

Organization: UPS
Title: Employee Communications Supervisor
Fun fact: I’ve been with UPS since I was 19 and I’m an avid cross fit trainer and enjoy competing
Hopes to accomplish: To make a difference, I want to be effective in getting the right United Way message to the right audience. I also want to make the greatest impact possible.

Meet: Monica

Organization: Miami-Dade Communications
Title: Government Information Referral Specialist
Fun fact: I love to sing
Hopes to accomplish: To enhance my knowledge about the organization’s services in the community and its impact.

Meet: Imani

Organization: Year Up
Title: Intern
Fun fact: I love camping and water sports
Hopes to accomplish: I want to improve my presentation and public speaking skills.

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