Loaned Executives

Loaned from a wide range of local organizations like UPS and Miami-Dade County, our loaned executives play an important role in United Way’s annual fundraising campaign. Meet this diverse group of community leaders who are helping us change lives by improving the odds for children, families and individuals in our community.

Headshot of Diana

Meet Diana

  • Title/Organization: Officer 2, Miami-Dade Police Department
  • Fun fact: I was born in Italy, which explains why I love Italian food.
  • Hopes for this program: “I hope to help one person with services provided by the United Way, and to let them know they are not alone in the fight.”
Headshot of Dominique

Meet Dominique

  • Title/Organization: Administrative Officer 3, Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department
  • Fun fact: My mom introduced me to United Way when I was just a child. She gave to United Way for over 25 years as a Dade County Public School Teacher. I am now following her footsteps!
  • Hopes for this program: “I hope to become a better United Way coordinator for my department and to foster hope within the disenfranchised and underserved communities of Miami-Dade County.”

Meet Maria

  • Title/Organization: Training & Compliance Specialist, UPS
  • Fun fact: I love to decorate the home for special occasions, family birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. I also enjoy any activities involving the ocean.
  • Hopes for this program: “I hope to educate myself as much as possible with all the programs United Way offers to individuals and families. Two areas where I would like to make an impact and work hard along with United Way would be with the elderly community and the homeless community, I would like to make a difference one person at a time.”

Meet Michelle

  • Title/Organization: Business Architect, Miami-Dade County Information Technology Department
  • Fun fact: I’m training to run my first 10K race (Cooper River Bridge Run (Charleston, NC) then hope to do a half marathon.
  • Hopes for this program: “I hope to get a more in-depth understanding of the workings of the United Way and how I can help make a difference in the lives of others. Also looking forward to the opportunity to enhance my leadership and team building skills, broadening my horizons by networking with people of different backgrounds, cultures and skill sets.”

Meet Mikeisha

  • Title/Organization: Miami-Dade County Libraries
  • Fun fact: I love listening to 80s and 90s music
  • Hopes for this program: “I hope to use this opportunity to learn, understand, and appreciate United Way’s ongoing mission to serve the community.”

Meet Yasmin

  • Title/Organization: Clerk 3, Miami-Dade County Internal Services Department
  • Fun Fact: I have three dogs that I rescued from the Humane Society. #AdoptDontShop
  • Hopes for this program: “My main goal is to make a difference.”

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