In Session – FY22 Budget

The $101.5 billion FY22 Budget signed by Governor DeSantis is 10% larger than the current year, even with $1.5B in vetoes.

Bolstered by Federal relief funds, it is the first budget over $100m in Florida’s history and in a year of distressing news, the programs that serve ALICE families have been afforded a year of support.

Most notably:

Early Learning

  • Teacher Education and Compensation Helps Program (T.E.A.C.H.) funded at $10M, for early childhood teacher scholarships. 
  • Help Me Grow funded at $3.9M, to connect children and families with information, resources and developmental services to enhance health, behavior and learning in the development of young children.

Financial Stability

  • Affordable Housing programs, SHIP and SAIL, received a combined total of $209 million. While this is a permanent reduction from prior program structures, the funds are now reoccurring and prevented from future sweeps. $146.7M for SHIP and $62.5M for FHFC (SAIL and others).  


  • Postpartum Medicaid funding increased to add 10 months coverage for a total of 12 months. Funded at $239.8 million.
  • Targeted funding for community substance abuse and mental health services increased to $1.05 billion, up from $850.8 million during FY21.
  • Funding for Healthy Start increased to 63.1 million for FY22 from $41.1 million.
  • Home and Community Based Services for older adults increased to $353.2 million for FY22, up from $320.7 million during FY21.   

An overview of the 2021 Session policy changes we supported can be viewed here.

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