Florida’s 2019 legislative session brings wins for our community

As Florida’s legislative session wrapped up last month, the Florida United Ways Consensus Legislative Agenda prevailed on some of their 2019 priority issues in relation to education, financial stability and health.

Among the wins, Florida’s United Ways received a combined $500,000 appropriation to help thousands of ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) families across the state recoup millions of their hard-earned dollars in federal income tax refunds, including Earned Income Tax Credits.

For teacher development, compensation and retention, Florida can count a few wins as well. T.E.A.C.H.’s early learning teacher scholarship funding was maintained at $10 million and legislation requiring the creation of early learning professional development training and course standards for school readiness program providers (HB 1027) passed.

In an effort to support our Mission United families, Florida United Ways also supported legislation that will provide alternative treatment options for veterans who have traumatic brain injuries or post-traumatic stress (HB 501).

In terms of affordable housing and the Sadowski Trust Funds, $85 million has been appropriated for traditional affordable housing programs, $115 million has been appropriated for hurricane housing recovery and $125 million for general revenue.

You can learn more about United Way’s involvement with Florida Legislature here.

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