Community celebrated Publix Appreciation Day!


Moved. Inspired. Thankful. Words cannot express how grateful we are to Publix and its associates for raising more than $38 million to benefit all United Ways in in the southeast United States. You’ve truly led the way to a stronger Miami.

To show our gratitude, United Way staff and volunteers visited all Publix stores in Miami-Dade on February 27, 2019, to personally thank associates for their generosity.

Through these amazing gifts, United Way is able to strengthen the education, health and financial stability of our community. We thank the Publix leadership donors who give $1,000 or more annually to United Way and are extremely grateful to every member of the Publix family for what they do every day.

And our love for Publix doesn’t stop on Publix Appreciation Day. Meet Jessica, a dedicated and hardworking Publix associate. Jessica is an example of personal triumph. But despite her many hardships, she found a way to avoid temptation and pave a new path to a secure future, thanks to the partnership between Publix and United Way of Miami-Dade — and support from neighbors like you.

Watch her story here:

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