Andrea Jung shared her “words of wisdom” at the 17th annual Women United Breakfast

Our 17th annual Women United breakfast, the first under our new name and once again, we packed the house.

It was an empowering and inspirational morning led by our breakfast chair, Jennifer Love, and our council chairs, Melissa Gracey and Cathy Alexander. We heard Josie share her story, which reminded us that all it takes is one unexpected event to send our life into a downward spiral, but that through perseverance and will, we can bounce back. Collectively, we stormed the social media channels with messages to our congressmen in support of CHIP’s renewal (Children’s Health Insurance Program) and we were heard – funding for CHIP has been renewed until 2023. And Leslie Miller Saiontz, who delivered a strong message highlighting events of 2017 that will go down as a historic moment when women stood en masse and were heard.

The morning culminated in a Q&A-style conversation with our breakfast guest speaker, Andrea Jung, a powerhouse who has spent her career championing the infinite potential of women, both personally and professionally, and candidly shared one of her life’s learnings, “Follow your compass, not your clock – when you can combine passion with work, the meaning of liked changes fundamentally.”

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