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At United Way, we take our role as stewards of donor money very seriously. We engage community volunteers to oversee every aspect of our management and financial systems to ensure that we are operating at the highest levels of professionalism and excellence.

United Way provides more than $90 million of social human service impact to the Miami-Dade community. Our administrative costs are below the benchmark established by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Wise Giving Alliance and our ratio of funding to costs is considered “excellent” by the same organization. (Please refer to the Financial Statements / 990 for more details.)


United Way provides services or participates in partnerships to improve our social service system in Miami Dade County and beyond. Serving as fiscal agent, advocating for our public policy priorities and supporting other institutions’ agenda items, we helped to influence an additional $51.2 million dollars in resources for our community, illustrating how our impact goes beyond the direct economic value of our work.

* Includes allocations and grants to agencies and services as well as distribution of government money, matching gifts, value of services provided by volunteers (per The Independent Sector, valued at $23.56 per hour), and gifts in-kind. United Way Revenues is from audited financials June 30, 2015

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United Way receives high ratings from charity watchdog organizations for our efficient and effective operations